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MgS Venture Financing


To be the first choice investment partner on the African continent.


We are a Venture Capitalist and Strategic Investment company.

MgS Venture Finance participates in:

• Joint Ventures
• Provision of expansion capital, replacement capital or acquisition capital
• Management buy-outs and leveraged buy-ins

Strategic investment

On second tier we are into strategic investments.

Strategic Focus

In order to fuel exponential growth we aggressively participate in established companies whose strengths are measurable and that will contribute to future wealth maximization, within:
• Food Industries
• Services, which include specialized
• Human capital recruitment, training and development
• Financial services
• Property –Commercial and Residential
• Any Investments that provide lucrative returns to which we can   add real    and meaningful value in nurturing and growing such investments.

Venture Capitalist

We are primarily a venture capitalist and very selective in deciding what we invest in; as a rule of thumb, we invest in as few as one in four hundred opportunities presented to us. We are most interested in ventures with exceptionally high growth potential, as only such opportunities are likely capable of providing the financial returns and successful exit event within the required timeframe , 3-7 years, that we expect.

Management Team

Our management team consists of individuals who are now highly regarded businesspeople, with extensive national and international networks. We are professionals, with academic qualifications and commercial experience, teaming up to create sustainable wealth for our stakeholders. 


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