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Professional Services 

Whether it is Recruitment, Business consultancy, or Training, MgS Recruitment Consultancy adds value to any business that receives our professional services.

Recruitment Services

It is our firm belief that good Human Resources management and recruitment will guide any organization through a controlled, well-managed, visible set of activities to achieve the desired results.

We provide high calibre professionals, on permanent, temporary and/or contract basis in the following areas:
Management at all levels, including directors for:
• Service Sectors,
• Finance and Accounting,
•Technical (Mining, Engineering, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage,   Construction)
• Office support and Administration


Value Added Services

In addition services that we routinely provide as described, we also offer the following value added services upon request:
• Assessment including Psychometric testing
• Industrial specific checks e.g. credit check, qualification verification on selected   candidates

Business Analysis and Consultancy

Recognising that for our highly placed candidates to deliver business exceptional benefits expected of them we provide business analysts and professionals with relevant experience to work with our clients to develop, Human Resources systems and procedures.
These qualified individuals are able to assist your business with analysing and understanding its requirements, and in formulating the most appropriate company structures systems and procedures, bringing valuable business benefits.

Employee Relations

Our consultants are well versed with the current labour legislation pertaining to the recruitment, supply, remuneration and grievance handling of temporary staff.

In addition to the categories listed under Permanent Recruitment above, we cater for semi skilled and unskilled labour. We are able to source at short notice, temporary contract staff to suit each client’s individual specification. The fees are based on the level of skills required by the nature of the contract work and will be agreed to with the client for each category contracted.

Each temporary staff member is issued with a timesheet and his time worked, will be recorded thereon and authorised by the client. We will process this, calculate his remuneration and pay the temporary staff member. In turn, we will issue an invoice to the client. Our payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice.

Temporary staff will be paid an hourly rate together with any benefits due, in terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment applying at that time. We will pass this full cost on, plus a management fee negotiated between 10% - 30%, calculated as a single hourly fee for each temporary assignee. Our management fee is for the recruitment, supply, supervision, IR function, the administration and holding cost of the payroll.

We have a current IRP30 labour broker certificate from the S.A. Revenue Services, a copy of which is attached. This exempts the client from any liability for PAYE for temporary staff. In case of the Temporary Assignee not performing adequately, we will find a substitute, should this be required. Conversion Fees for a Temporary Assignee being offered permanent employment, is covered under the section dealing with Permanent Staff.


MgS Recruitment Consultancy is able to offer a comprehensive range of training courses and materials from our offices or any clients' workspace. We are flexible enough to offer "one to one" as well as group training as per client’s requirements, ensuring that they get the most value from our solutions.

We can design and manage management development training for new supervisors and managers to shorten their learning curve and increase their productivity and effectiveness as leaders and organizational managers. Customized training and coaching programs can ensure that you are developing your leadership team to model your organization's culture and values and to inspire their teams.
To support your succession planning and leadership development, we can develop customized leadership training to prepare your leaders for effective leadership now and in the future


Worldview determines not only values, but literally what is seen and what is not, what is heard and what is not. One's perceptions are radically influenced by one's worldview. Different cultures literally cannot see the same things.
MgS Recruitment Consultancy believes each person has unique creative abilities to make a difference in their lives, in their families, in their communities and organisation. The creative capacity of each person is at the heart of the transformational development process.

One constant across most organizations is change. Change can be driven by many factors including: mergers, outsourcing, technology, clients, strategy and compliance. Business transformation is difficult because:
• Redesigning and applying new processes is hard without an easily understood,   structured approach.
•Employees feel overloaded with change driven from multiple, seemingly   disconnected initiatives.
•A successful outcome requires a long term effort to sustain results, or else   people may fall back into old behaviors. Change Management activities are   often conducted in discrete project silos, which may compound the problems   listed above. What chance is there of perfecting the organizations approach to   change management; when all too often projects work in isolation with short   term horizons?

MgS Recruitment Consultancy will offer services that can make your transformational challenges things of the past.

Employee Benefit/Remuneration

Does employee benefit administration have you more confused than ever? If so, it's no wonder. Even a simple employee benefit plan can create mounds of paperwork and management problems for businesses. To make matters worse, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to compete in today's labor market without offering an employee benefit program of some kind. Most employees today expect full employee benefits and many believe they should receive benefits equivalent to a federal employee benefit program. Even employees that work for minimum wage commonly expect to receive employee benefits.
Whether you like it or not, employee benefits have become a must have for most employers. Not only do offering employee benefits help you to keep up with the competition, but it can also be a good way to attract and retain quality employees as well as promote teamwork and morale in your organization.

Areas we focus on are:

• Recruitment/Selection
• Assessments/Skills Audits
• Training and Development
• Performance Management
• HR Strategy
• HR Policies and Procedures
• Integrated HR Information Systems
• HR Audits
• Other (EAP, HIV, OHS, LR)

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