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MgS Food Technical Consulting  
MgS Food Technical Consulting Background

Vision, Mission and Values


To be the Food Technical Consulting of choice in Southern Africa; impeccably matching clients’ requirements with cost effective solutions.

Mission Statement

MgS Food Technical Consulting succeeds by making Food Technical Consulting:


Food Technical Consulting costs can be high if not kept under strict control. Accordingly, all our services are designed to represent exceptional value for money.


Each scenario requires an individual solution or approach. Independence allows flexibility and the opportunity to work with clients on their precise needs - no standard solutions are offered by MgS Food Technical Consulting.


Poor service guarantees that the clients will go elsewhere. Creating, implementing and maintaining an efficient process for each business is fundamental to our success


In a competitive environment being first in the queue means higher chances of getting bigger market share. As a result we thrive to offer some innovative solutions in the shortest possible period. We are always looking at how we can do things better. Whether it's in Research and Development or during the manufacturing process, our innovation is what gives us the urge.

Company Values

Integrity and Respect: We build enduring relationships or clients, based on integrity and mutual   respect, and we seek at all times to deliver our services and societal Vision with sincerity and vigour.

Service Response: We will radiate a genuine commitment to a high level of service responsiveness   to   both the current and emerging needs of our clients.

Accountability: We motivate all employees to be self-accountable in assisting MgS Food Technical   Consulting create and sustain high levels of customer satisfaction for services provided.

Ethical Practices: We cherish and defend good corporate governance practices and are committed   to   socially and ethically responsible business practices. We also bind ourselves to act in a   responsible   manner and with due regard in maintaining strict confidentiality with our clients’   information.

Empowerment: We respect the dignity and individuality of every employee and take steps to create   an employment environment that provides meaningful work opportunities. As a result, we   relentlessly pursue organisational excellence through the ongoing development and empowerment of   our employees.

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