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MgS Food Technical Consulting Key Personnel

Jan Wiid:

Principal Food Consultant – Research and Development, Food Systems and Technical Applications

Jan is a renowned Food Specialist Consultant in South Africa and beyond boarders, especially on Research and Development (R&D) and Plant Equipment R&D and adaptations.

He holds the following qualifications:

BSc Agric (U.S)
BSc Agric Honours (U.O.V.S)
MSc Agric (U.O.V.S) specialising in Dairy Science
Business Administration (P U VIR CHO)

For the past 42 years Jan has worked for a number of food companies in South Africa in various capacities leading through well ground R&D initiatives, including consulting and lecturing Dairy Sciences at Universities. Over the years he has attended many international conferences.

Stein Brothers (Technical Manager)
Tiger Brands (Technical Director Bethlehem plant)
Midde Vrystaat Suiwel koop.
Clover Dairies (Technical Manager) Industrial products
Clover Fonterra Ingredients (Innovation Manager - Dairy and Technical)

Jan and his entourage of professional consultants are prepared to meet any challenge in Food industry

Munya. G. Shamuyarira:

Marketing and Business Development

Munya is a New Zealand trained Dairy Technologist, who has solid practical experience in Dairy Plants - factory and Pilot plants. Prior to that had worked extensively in Research and Development and Food Applications facilities in Zimbabwe and South Africa after qualifying as a Food Technologist

He holds the following qualifications:

BSc Food Science
MSc Dairy Science (Massey University NZ)
Institute of Marketing Management (RSA)
Diploma in Packaging Technology (UK)

For the past 9 years he has worked in food industries in Zimbabwe, New Zealand and South Africa.

Munya has worked for a number of international and local food companies:

South African Breweries, subsidiary, National Breweries (Process)
Codchem (A flavour house (Production))
Unilever SA, (R&D)
Fonterra of New Zealand (R&D)
Clover Dairies, South Africa (Sales and Innovation)
Coca Cola South Africa (Project Management)


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