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MgS Food Technical Consulting

MgS Food Technical Consulting Background:

Consulting FEE Structure

MgS Food Technical Consulting fees are structured to suit client’s needs:

• Hourly and Daily Rates - for loosely-defined and/or short-duration efforts
• Reduced Hourly and Daily Rates - for loosely-defined, multi-month efforts
• Monthly Retainer - to reduce cost for multi-month efforts
• Fixed Price - for well-defined efforts
• Mixed Fee Structure from the options above - for efforts with needs and levels of   definition that   change over time

MgS Food Technical Consulting guarantees client satisfaction:
The requirements of each client and each work effort vary. We will work with you to establish an appropriate method for guaranteeing that you are fully satisfied with the support and services provided to you by MgS Food Technical Consulting

MgS Technical Consulting offers a 100% money-back guarantee on the advice provided and work done when signed off results are not achieved, provided the client has provided us with all the requested resources.

Demographic capability/National footprint

Although we are based in Johannesburg, we cover the whole of Southern Africa in order to meet our client’s specific needs.

Information Confidentiality

We guarantee that all information for our clients and work carried out will always be treated as private and strictly confidential.

Experience and Expertise

Our Consultants provide consulting services to food related business in South Africa as well as in many countries in South Africa. We can also offer you a virtual office capability tailored to your immediate needs, and do it quickly and cost efficiently. Together, we have a combined experience level that is unrivaled in the industry.

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