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Business Terms

Fee Structure

Fee basis and Terms of Payment

MgS Recruitment Consultancy fees are 17.5% of Total Cost to Company (Excluding VAT) for every candidate placed with our clients
Fees, payable by the employer only, arise and become due for payment when the introduced candidate commences employment in any capacity- individual or other legal entity.

Employment of a candidate referred by MgS Recruitment Consultancy is deemed to be an acceptance of our offer.


MgS offers a 3 (three)-month Guarantee subject to the Guarantee being validated.

The Guarantee is validated by the full fee being paid within 14 ( fourteen) days of the candidate commencing employment.

Guarantees are not valid when the candidate is no longer employed due to termination owing to operational requirements, an unfair labour practice or a breach of agreement with MgS referred which causes the said employee to leave

Terms of Guarantee


If the Guarantee is validated and the first employed person leaves with the Guarantee period , the Client is entitled to receive a replacement candidate to fill in the same vacancy at no additional cost at the same Cost to Company or a fee adjustment will be effected accordingly.

Should be the Client not find a suitable candidate, or require a replacement the client will qualify for a 50% rebate of total fees paid.

Requests for replacement or rebates must be made within 2 days specifying the last date of employment

Information Confidentiality

Client Information

We guarantee that all information for our Clients and candidates will be treated as private and strictly confidential.


All references are forwarded on a strictly confidential basis and should not be discussed with the candidate.


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