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A Little Well-Meant Advice on submitting your CV to MgS Recruitment Consultancy
Registration is free to job seekers and applications for specific vacancies are always welcome.

To help us perform efficiently and effectively, please take note of the following:
• If you are applying for a specific vacancy, please read the Job Spec carefully. Only apply if you fit the outline given and quote the relevant reference number in the subject line if applying by e-mail.
• MgS Recruitment accepts speculative applications. In which case, please write a prospective job title in the "Subject" line of your e-mail or in your covering letter if applying by fax.
• If applying by e-mail please send attached Word files or similar ONLY. No HTML or plain text CVs.
• Use simple fonts, preferably Times New Roman, Arial or similar and set page size to A4.

We need the following from you:
• A succinct up-to-date CV which is clear and concise.
• Be aware that we send your CV on to our clients and that good presentation is therefore essential.
With this in mind, fax is not the best option for submitting your CV.

General CV advice

We ask that CVs should be concise and straightforward, contain all contact details and give relevant information about your career to date.

Essential CV contents

CVs must contain:
• Full contact details (address, telephone/fax/mobile numbers, e-mail address etc where applicable).
• Career history - with dates, employers, job title - showing your major achievements in each post. These should appear in reverse chronological order (most recent job first).
• Academic, professional and other qualifications with date of award.

E-mail information
E-mailed CVs should be attached Word files (or able to be easily read using MS Word).
We do not accept plain text unformatted CVs or HTML documents.
• Use simple fonts (Times New Roman, Arial or similar) and set page size to A4. Fancy fonts make no difference to our assessment - unless they are present on our system they may adversely affect the presentation of your CV.
• Do not send photographs, graphics, testimonials, drawings or diagrams with your CV at this stage. They merely take up space and have no beneficial effect on our assessment.
• A short covering letter directed at the specific vacancy (with reference number), pointing out how your experience matches the advertised job criteria would be appreciated. An indication of your availability and expected salary range would be also be helpful.
Be aware that we will attempt to confirm receipt of your e-mail to the address from which it was sent. If this could pose problems of security or confidentiality please make this clear in your plain text covering message. Our confirmation message is not an indicationthat you are a short listed candidate.

Targeted applications

We prefer to receive applications against a specific vacancy or vacancies. When sending an e-mail CV for a specific vacancy please quote its reference number in the message header.

Speculative e-mail applications

We understand the reasons for speculative applications. If your CV is speculative, please put a prospective job title in the "Subject" box of your e-mail rather than your name.

If your CV is speculative, please put a prospective job title in the message header rather than your name.

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