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MgS Foods Technical Consulting


MgS Foods Technical Consulting Background:

Our Core Consulting Services:

• Research and Development for any food systems
• New Product Development with any food systems
• Cost Reduction Research and Development
• Manufacturing Support and Operations

Target Segment

• Health and Wellness market
• Affordable food systems

Our Research and Development Service, Your Applications

Our solutions are and will always be carefully tailored to meet the requirements of consumers, markets and manufacturers.
This is entrenched by our access to technical staff and the research and development work we have done on a number of years, including our network with other high profile Food technical consultants.

In addition to knowing where to source each appropriate ingredient (and equipment), we provide expertise in food and beverage application.

• Milk, Milk powders including cream
• Natural cheese, processed cheese , and Imitation cheeses (processed cheese, pizza cheese, cheese   spreads)
• All types of beverages including ,nutritional, non and milk based beverages
• Nutrition Bars
• Cultured foods, e.g. yoghurt (set, stirred and drinking formats) and fermented beverages
• Snack Foods-cookies, trail mix, chocolate-coated and savoury snacks and Dairy   Protein Crisps
• Starch based food systems
• Flavour systems

Our Value Add Consulting Services

Further to services that we routinely provide as described, we offer the following value added services:

• Specialists temporary, contract and permanent staff in the food industry
• We provide leads to global specialists cost effective food ingredients suppliers
• Food Law and Dietary Supplements
• Government and Regulatory Compliance
• Nutrition Labels and Science
• Process Control and Quality Control
• Contract Packing
• Food Project Management

Our services are based on a thorough and rigorous research processes, allowing us to fully understand our customer’s intricate needs and match their requirements and attributes of the solution that we provide. Our consultants’ vast experience in the food cited sectors that we specialise in begetting a highly effective “provide and-match” process.

Our Food Technical team is made up of highly qualified professionals who have rich experience in the targeted sectors, therefore, have an intrinsic understanding of the customers’ requirements.

It is our conviction that the ability of innovative solutions to any organisation either enhances, or undermines the success of that organisation and cannot be overstated. It follows, therefore, that the provision of such solutions is a specialist service that any general consulting company will not be able to ideally provide.

Our Food Technical Consulting Approach

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach, so we do not, as a matter of course; keep off- the- shelf solutions that we provide to clients. Customer’s need, whether for a SME or Corporate are never the same and we ensure that we have a thorough understanding of a clients’ requirement prior to providing any solutions.

Despite being recently incepted, MgS Food Technical Consulting has registered significant growth in the last year, and the growth has been principally buoyed by the company’s unique ability to expertly understand and match the client’s requirements.


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